Charlie Wilson loves racing and is an experienced racer in many different venues. He raced mountain bikes in the 90's for Sun and Ski. In 1999 he began his amateur car racing career on the half mile circle tracks in Texas, racing for The Children’s Museum. He says, "Every Saturday I must have put 300 kids in my racecar parked in front of the Children’s Museum and explained to the kids how it all worked, it was really a lot of fun."

In 2001 he landed Hooters Restaurants as a sponsor for his Stock Car Racing and began racing professionally full time. He raced all over the country on half mile tracks including San Diego, Daytona, and opened for NASCAR in Martinsville 2003. Charlie says, "Opening for NASCAR was the first time I ever raced in front of so many people, around 50,000. We were spun out 3 times, won the hard charger award, and ended up in 11th place. I got a lot of cheers when I jumped out of my car during the scheduled pit stop to change my own tire; we were on a tight budget."

After many years of racing cars, Charlie moved into Desert Racing. "I like the desert racing venue that SCORE has; it is a bunch of old men with young hearts." Transitioning from Stock Cars to Motorcycles has been a huge challenge, but being challenged is what life is all about. He plans to continue racing in the Baja desert moving into Buggies and Trucks and hopefully someday race Dakar.

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Name: Mike Herrick (note bandage on arm... go figure, I was the extreme rookie in '05)
Birth place: Starkville, Mississippi but grew up in Dallas area
College: Texas Tech
Employment: I have been employed by Texas Wings (Hooters) for 13 years. Currently the Vice-President of Marketing
Family: Laura (wife of 5 years) and 2 ½ year old son (Levi) plus another on the way.
Misc.: I have never competed in motor sports until the BAJA 1000 in 2005. Heck, I didn’t even own a dirt bike till about 5 months prior. I did trade a brutal day section in for an AWESOME night section, even though I had never ridden at night until the event. (Thanks JD) I have ridden road bikes since 1986 and currently own a 2004 Harley Davidson Deuce.

I have competed as an elite bicyclist in road racing as well as the velodrome. Greatest accomplishments on the bike came in 1996 with a 3rd place finish in the kilometer at Masters Worlds in England and qualifying to compete in the Olympic Trials. Unfortunately, I did not make the team.

In addition to bicycling, I have also competed in triathlons having finished 5 Ironmans which involves a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run. For fun I like to burp and fart like any other male.

Hi, I’m Brent Christ of the Hooters Desert Racing Team. I’m originally from Maryland, live in Frederick, and enjoy fixing up my old house, motorcycling, and the beach. I have an incredible wife, Erica, who is very supportive of my motorcycle racing efforts and my training that consists of mountain biking, weight lifting, and off-road motorcycling. I also enjoy on-road motorcycling on my Honda VFR800, and wrenching on my 1968 Jeep Commando. I have a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and work as a Project Manager and Estimator for a construction firm. After work I spend my spare time rubbing my wife’s pregnant belly as well as coordinating logistics, training, and racing for the Hooters Desert Racing Team.

I was born in Nashville TN, and currently reside in Phoenix AZ. I lived in South America for 8 years when I was a kid. I am a fluent Spanish speaker, and have had the privelidge of riding motorcycles all over the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Rain Forest, and the South American Desert. I started racing at the age of 21 at the local MX tracks in Phoenix. MX didn't suit me very well, and I switched to off road. I have been making trips to Baja to race and crew chief for several teams with Eric Brown since 2000. I also race in Arizona, California, and Nevada. On any given weekend, you can find me shredding the desert of AZ on my KX 500. I love going to Baja. The people are great and the scenery is beautiful. I love the racing the best and everything that goes along with it.

They call me Big Brad because I am 6'6" tall and weigh in at about 250 pounds. I have over 33 years of motorcycling experience with over 25 years of safely riding on the street. I started in the dirt at age 10 with a Yamaha DT125 and have maintained a passion for off road motorcycling and racing all my life. Over the last 12+ years I have also been active in the sport of mountain biking with many years of mountain bike racing. I was a state representative for the International Mountain Bike Association for 3 years where I worked closely with land managers to keep trails open to the public and to build new riding areas. I have intimate experience with many kinds of racing; either in the saddle, behind the wheel or in the pits: hare scrambles, karting, ATV racing, dirt track racing, stock car racing, endurance racing, 24hr events, etc.

I am employed by POWERride Motorsports in Northern Virginia as the Director of Sales and Marketing for 5 large, multi-brand motorcycle dealerships that generate gross sales of over $70 million dollars annually. I love my job and the motorcycle industry in general. I am also a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Instructor. On weekends, I help new riders learn to safely ride motorcycles. I am grateful to have the support of my family, friends and co-workers.

I grew up in El Paso, TX, and I graduated from Texas A&M University in 1991. I currently reside in Scottsdale, AZ.

I have been racing motorcycles (pro class) for the last 8 years in Baja, Arizona, California and Nevada. I've finished top 3 overall numerous times in Baja, won the class 30 pro championship in Baja and finished 2nd in the open pro class points championship just behind Team Honda Johnny Campbell, and beating out Team Hondas other entry. I've been the overall winner numerous times in Arizona desert races, beating out as many as 500+ entered racers. I hold an unofficial natural terrain world record jump of 260 ft at the Glamis sand dunes. I enjoy racing with the Hooters Desert Racing Team and the positive energy and attention they are bringing to the sport.

When I'm not racing I'm flying powered parachutes and selling real estate.

Hi, I’m Brad Christ, of the Hooters Desert Racing Team. I’m originally from Maryland, live in Bethesda, and my passions are motorcycles and bicycles. I have 24+ years experience in competitive sports including 5K and 10K and 20K running races, road and mountain bike races, biathlon and triathlon races, rollerblade races, auto races, and motorcycle races. I also enjoy kayaking on the nearby Potomac River, long-distance touring on my BMW motorcycle, and wrenching and welding on my old Jeep and old Harley-Davidson. I have degrees from Florida Institute of Technology and University of Maryland. I used to work as a deep sea diver in the Gulf of Mexico, but now work for the U.S. Public Health Service, Division of Federal Occupational Health as an Industrial Hygienist and Senior Program Manager. I love my job and get to deal with a wide variety of interesting challenges, including assignment to an emergency response team, but after work I spend my spare time coordinating logistics, training, and racing for the Hooters Desert Racing Team.

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Hi, I’m Vince Bernal, of the Hooters Desert Racing Team. I live in Oceanside, California and I live to surf and ride motorcycles. My off-road motorcycle is a Yamaha YZ250 that I frequently air out at the local MX tracks and flog in the deserts of Baja. My on-road motorcycle is a Honda CBR1000R that I knee-drag through the turns of Willow Raceway on track days. I have always loved desert racing and am stoked to be part of the Hooters Desert Racing Team.

I run my own pinstriping business called Accent On Elegance. I enjoy the day-to-day challenges of running the business, but I really look forward to the San Felipe 250, Baja 500 and Baja 1000 races when I’m a backup rider, coordinate wheel chair logistics, assist with mechanical preparation of racing equipment, and drive one of the chase trucks for the Hooters Desert Racing Team. Come on out to see the excitement of the races in person and watch the dust fly!

Born and raised in Dallas Texas.

Currently employed with Farmers Insurance as a
regional trainer.

Married to British made wife Leonie who has
accompanied us to 3 Baja's so far.

My buddy Mike Herrick dragged me in to this. God Bless him! I have grown up in motorsports, racing in various clubs in MG's, Mazda's and Porsche's. I also spent some time racing endurance horses, but the exhaust tones just weren't the same. The last 10 years I have been spending a lot time in 4 wheel drives, trying out rock crawling as an alternative to working. I took a short course in Off-road rally driving in England a few years back and this just seems like a perfect opportunity to try it out. In my spare time I burp and fart with Mike.



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